1. Remembering where you came from: land and people.
  2. Searching for & returning to your eternal questions.
  3. Knowing that your every action has a lasting effect.
  4. Reviewing your relationship with technology.
  5. Holding the flashlight on things that no one else is.
  6. Finding freedom through music.
  7. Knowing what calms you and finding out what calms those closest to you.
  8. Asking elders what life was like for them and listening for as long as they will share.
  9. Discovering what helps you to express yourself.
  10. Realizing the difference between quality and quantity, especially when it comes to love.
  11. Empathizing through a lens of multiple causality.
  12. Seeking out the middle road.
  13. Turning everyday experience into an adventure.
  14. Taking care of your precious gifts.
  15. Revisiting, with great care, the moments that shifted your life.
  16. Letting your grief mysteriously give way to gifts.
  17. Connecting to people who have a common passion.
  18. Discerning when you are running away versus when you are moving toward.
  19. Going on silent walks.
  20. Seeing everyone as parts of yourself.
  21. Checking your assumptions at the door.
  22. Recognizing diversity and feeling interconnected at the same time.
  23. Befriending your neighbors.
  24. Finding your center and moving from there.
  25. Giving random people random gifts.
  26. Turning oddities into commonalities.
  27. Listening for when to stay and when to go.
  28. Noticing how an opinion changes from minute to minute, while a point of view is built and articulated over several years.
  29. Remembering what you love.
  30. Letting love guide the way.
  31. Looking to the far-off horizon even when it might seem foggy.
  32. Surrounding yourself with people who feed you.
  33. Seeing nothing as an interruption but rather part of what is happening.
  34. Continuing to fall in love with the world.
  35. Doing research. Seeking out the clear, hard facts.
  36. Learning how to communicate, especially when you think it is impossible.
  37. Continuing to define what you do without pigeonholing yourself.
  38. Telling people how beautiful they are.
  39. Gaining the courage to share your story.
  40. Knowing that you have the power to change the atmosphere of a room, a community, the world.
  41. Seeking out your best process.
  42. Creating life in your own way and time.
  43. When someone is dying, go and be with them.
  44. Sharing what you believe and believing in what you share.
  45. Investing in & cultivating relationships of love, friendship, family, and work.
  46. Asking open-ended questions that allow people to access their own story.
  47. Leaving everywhere better than you found it.
  48. Visiting friends in their home.
  49. Noticing when something has your name on it. 
  50. Finding a reason to celebrate together.
  51. Humbly recognizing your own privilege.
  52. Discovering the universal language of play.
  53. Beholding every life as its own arc.
  54. Moving through life as a clown.
  55. Letting everything become your teacher, especially children and animals.
  56. Embarking everyday anew with experience in tow.
  57. Remembering that you must choose to create. No one is going to do it for you.
  58. Inventing your own specialization.
  59. Considering that something that ends could be a success.
  60. Receiving the love that you are given.
  61. Witnessing evolution.
  62. Creating and articulating your boundaries. 
  63. Looking to be surprised.
  64. Assembling your own identity.
  65. Being kind and patient with yourself.
  66. Creating your own day of rest.
  67. Appreciating the people in the room.
  68. Befriending your fears.
  69. Finding your own meaning of home and how to create it wherever you go.
  70. Moving forward, onward.
  71. Discovering the quiet of your mind.
  72. Remembering that everything is a process, especially letting go.
  73. Honestly asking people how they are doing.
  74. Viewing everything as a relationship.
  75. Recognizing when you are being curious and when you are being skeptical.
  76. Deciphering which part of your dream to let go of and which part to strive for.
  77. Grieving when and how you need to.
  78. Including everyone who wants to be involved.
  79. Sensing the presence of absence.
  80. Celebrating milestones.
  81. Listening for what keeps showing up.
  82. Finding success in every moment.
  83. Showing up.
  84. Recognizing whether a decision is active or passive 
  85. Being a tourist in your own neighborhood.
  86. Finding someone who will help you to be accountable for your dreams.
  87. Occupying the center of your own universe.
  88. Choosing when and how the show will go on.
  89. Letting health and humor go hand in hand.
  90. Calling on your people when you need their help.
  91. Giving yourself a three-breath buffer zone.
  92. Letting art be a vehicle for learning about everything.
  93. Pinpointing what you need to be consistent in your everyday life.
  94. Graciously welcoming and consciously beginning again.
  95. Talking to strangers.
  96. Focusing on healing and sharing your best practices with others.
  97. Collaging your life together piece by piece.
  98. Finding freedom within limitations.
  99. Remembering that everyone is just a kid dressed up in older people clothes.
  100. Leaving room for spontaneous adventures.
  101. Turning your anger into articulation.
  102. Making decisions by gathering three generations around the table.
  103. Recognizing how much your current story affects your every move.
  104. Remembering that you are never alone unless you want to be. There are too many people in the world.
  105. Letting your beliefs continue to evolve as you do.
  106. Believing that you can love anew.
  107. Letting the readiness find you.
  108. Asking questions that don’t have answers.
  109. Inviting your ancestors to dinner.
  110. Practicing what you teach and teaching what you practice.
  111. Prioritizing your own well-being.
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