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May 14, 2016


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Buffalo native Kāli Quinn returns home as the conclusion of a 10,000-mile journey sharing her new book, I am Compassionate Creativity, in homes across the country.

Part memoir, part curriculum, part field guide, her book explores the integral relationship between compassion and creativity, especially within moments of uncertainty and when moving through deep grief. Quinn’s research and stories stem from years of performing theater, teaching playfulness within universities across the country, and growing up in Buffalo.

Buffalo readings will include readings at Dog Ears Bookstore and The Central Buffalo and Erie County Library from May 22-23.

"Original, incisive, and gently challenging - this debut book provides thoughtful companionship and provocation to deepen one's own compassion not only for others, but for oneself. It is a lovely gift to give to those searching for calming, innovative meditations in difficult times,” says Heather Stanford of the University of California, Santa Barbara who hosted a reading in her home in April.

“I didn’t want to publish a book and just put it online or in bookstores,” explains Quinn. “I wanted to reconnect with family and friends in-person and deliver my book to them in their homes. I wanted to take these stories on tour and create a movement.”

For the past two months, supported by individual and in-kind donations, along with a sponsorship from GoWesty, that’s just what Quinn has done. Along with her tour partner, writer/musician Jacob Sapon, she has been travelled down the east coast, through the mid and southwest, up the coast of California, and across the northern states bringing people together and comes full circle to Buffalo this week.

“Everyone is an artist. Everyone is an actor/activist. Everyone, a teacher. An expert,” Quinn asserts in the book’s introduction and says aloud at each potluck reading before inviting the intergenerational audience to “come and warm their hearts and sing.” Quinn and Sapon do, in fact, sing and play violin and guitar throughout the rest of gathering and, at times, the audience chimes in with their own thoughts and stories, and even sings along too.

“These gatherings leave me feeling nourished at every level,” relates Sapon, who decided to go on the Compassionate Creativity tour as part of his post-graduate education. “Food fill my stomach, community and connection fill my heart, and new stories fill my mind. I trust that the audience may be nourished and inspired by the process of gathering together to eat, listen, play, and celebrate.”

Quinn considers their tour vehicle, a 1997 Eurovan Camper, as her first Center for Compassionate Creativity, a place where young adults visit to reflect on who they are and how they want to give to the world by developing their own artistic and spiritual process. Within the coming year, Quinn plans to establish a more permanent center.

Quinn grew up in Hamburg, NY and graduated from Frontier High School. She went to the University of Rochester and Dell’Arte International in California before moving on to create an NYC-based theater company, GUTWorks, and perform two solo performance shows off-off Broadway and across the country which included performances at The Roadless Traveled. Quinn moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 2011 to teach at Brown University.

In the first chapter of I am Compassionate Creativity, “Remember where you came from: land and people,” Quinn talks about her love for being born and raised in Buffalo: “I learned from early on that Buffalo isn’t a place that one leaves or can leave behind. Buffalo is a way of life: roots and baggage, weight and wings, an anchor, a heartbeat.”

Come join Quinn and Sapon at one of their Buffalo readings: Sunday, May 22 from 1-3pm at Dog Ears Bookstore in South Buffalo or Monday, May 23 from 12-1pm at the Central Buffalo and Erie County Library Downtown.

To order the book, I am Compassionate Creativity, and learn more about Quinn’s vision and her upcoming events, visit The book is also available locally at Dog Ears Bookstore and Talking Leaves Books.

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Kāli Quinn is a facilitator of Compassionate Creativity through innovative storytelling and physical play. She is from Buffalo, NY and now lives in Providence, RI where she has taught clown, mask, movement, devising, and creative leadership at Brown University and worked as Stateside Faculty for Accademia dell’Arte (Arezzo, Italy). Kāli has performed and taught at: Creative Medicine Series at Brown University, McDonogh School, United Natural Foods, Pearl Theatre Company, Celebration Barn, New England Center for Circus Arts, MIT, Duke University, Putney School Summer Programs, Vermont Academy, Connecticut College, Boston University, Emory College, Bucknell, Clowns Without Borders in Guatemala & Grupo Galpão in Brazil. Kāli served on the Board for the Network of Ensemble Theaters from 2009-2014 and received training at the University of Rochester, with an MFA from Dell’Arte International in Northern California.


“Kāli Quinn bubbles over with creativity energy… There’s no telling where this effervescent artist will alight next.”

–  Ilene Roizman,

"Original, incisive, and gently challenging - this debut book provides thoughtful companionship and provocation to deepen one's own compassion not only for others, but for oneself. I recommend keeping it close at hand to incorporate the original 111 values as part of one's mindfulness practice. It is a lovely gift to give to those searching for calming, innovative meditations in difficult times."

- Heather Stanford, Department of Theater and Dance, University of California Santa Barbara

“I have worked with Kāli as an artist, teacher and collaborator. But it is her true caring and compassion as a human being that makes her such an exhilarating teacher and a true inspiration to anyone who has the good fortune to study with her.”

- Daniel Stein, Brown University/Trinity Rep, Guggenheim Fellow

“In perfectly syncopated staging, the gifted performer cavorts like a commedia player at a street festival.”    

- Los Angeles Times 

"Each performance by Kāli Quinn generates a powerful magnetic field. One is overwhelmed with sheer awe at the range of her creativity, then captivated by the personalities and stories of her characters. Combining the joy and playfulness of a child with the wisdom of an ancient, Kāli opens every heart in the room to a new level of compassion and understanding." 

- Camilla Rockwell, Full Circle Series of Burlington, Vermont

“Our attention is riveted on Kāli Quinn’s virtuosic performance…  a unique range of voice and movement… extraordinary skill and imagination… deeply affecting.”

- Michael Miller, Editor Berkshire Review for the Arts (MA)

“Her physicality is both astonishing and absolutely truthful — a rare accomplishment.”

- Cal Pritner, Founding Artistic Director, Illinois Shakespeare Festival

“…a splendid vehicle for the solo actor who moves through many roles in the course of this performance piece, seeming to join the being and body of three generations of woman in fascinating, always changing ways.”        

- Kenneth Gross, critic and dramaturge, author of Shakespeare’s Noise

“I believe that Kāli will have a large, important and memorable impact on theatre in her lifetime.  She brings great value and credit to everyone lucky enough to work with her.”

- Stephen Stearns, Founder of New England Youth Theater

“Kāli Quinn is a talented, immensely watchable, and vibrant performer and an incredible teacher.”

- Nigel Maister, Director, University of Rochester Int’l Theatre Program

“We couldn’t ask for better company in verbal and physical wit than Quinn… wonderfully versatile.” 

-  Backstage

Kali and Jacob in Providence at BrownBookstore before tour_Credit John ShawKali and Jacob in Providence at BrownBookstore before tour_Credit John Shaw
VanTimesSquare_Credit_Kali QuinnVanTimesSquare_Credit_Kali Quinn
Kali dancing at a gathering in Scottsdale AZ at home of former Buffalo residents Danny and Rebecca Barcy_ Credit Kenny QuinnKali dancing at a gathering in Scottsdale AZ at home of former Buffalo residents Danny and Rebecca Barcy_ Credit Kenny Quinn
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